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Announcement - Ethics and Compliance Training is Required

It is more important than ever to educate all of our employees on compliance and ethics issues especially as our business environment grows ever more complex. DJI remains committed to proactively maintaining a high level of training for all of its employees so that they can confidently meet the many challenges ahead. It’s worth noting that ethics and compliance training is no longer just the right thing to do, it’s a requirement of our customer.
Proactive Acquisition Keeps Aircraft Aloft
Antonio D., Material Management Flight technician, tracks inventories and replenishes supplies and equipment for operations at Andrews Air Force...More »
Our Employees are Dedicated to Duty
The Billeting Department is one of the first impressions visitors have of our operation. Billeting employees meticulously cleaned and organized...More »
Mr. Brian Harmon
Purchasing Department
Mr. Brian Harmon attended HS and college in Gainesville and in the few months he's been at GJCC, has already made an impact in the Purchasing Dept. He recently reviewed and rebid all existing contracts, cutting operating costs for the Center.
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